Me, the people

They think buildings can’t read, but I read the signs of the times better than they do

I watched his hungry eyes read my letters and the reply, written on his face
It said “I want you”, and he wanted it all: my power, my people, my standing, my history
Somehow he knew I could change the future
He rejoiced when I burnt down but I didn’t mind – I knew he was doomed
I could read the signs even before his hidden hand started shaking

Did you know I had babies ? I didn’t deliver them but they were mine for a while
I knew I’d be theirs in the future, just as they were mine now

They think buildings can’t read, but I read the signs of the times better than they do
When my mother was torn apart, I didn’t worry, I knew she would heal
When I lay in ruins I didn’t worry, I knew she’d help me recover

They think buildings can’t read, but I read the signs of the times better than they did
Now here I stand, unwrapped, offering a 360-degree view to those who register
I can still change the future, but you don’t read the signs

Today’s prompt at was “to write a poem that similarly presents a scene from an unusual point of view”. As a former historian, I wondered if there was something historic I wanted to write about. Human history provided slightly too muc choice… I narrowed it down by chosing a topic I’ve used before, but from a different perspective.

First we take Berlin describes the fire in the German Reichstag building from the perspective of the arsonist – but I didn’t choose the Dutch communist who was accused of doing it. Today I decided to use the perspective of the building as a starting point.

I’m late in posting today. I happily blame the fact my day 16 poem was the featured poem today at my favourite #NaPoWriMo website! I celebrated by reading and commenting a lot – one of the great things about poetry month for me is always the connections we form by sharing our words with each other. Thank you all for reading, and thank you all for writing!

16 thoughts on “Me, the people

  1. Dawn D

    Great job with this prompt!
    I didn’t stick to it. I had fleeting ideas, but they didn’t stick or evolve quickly enough. I had a busy day and a headache, so here it stayed.
    I saw you were the featured poet and thought it was well earned!
    Glad you enjoyed reading and writing.
    I haven’t read anyone except you this month. Oh well! Next year will be better, or not 😉

      1. Dawn D

        You should be 😜
        No, it’s always a pleasure, reading you, and I don’t get to do it often, since you don’t post often aside from the challenge months 😉
        Since I can’t post on the NaPoWriMo page, I feel less invested I guess
        But I enjoy the exchange and ideas I get from reading you 😊

      2. Dawn D

        Well, now that you linked to Anni… I have had to visit her, and will now receive her posts too 😛

  2. Smitha V

    The more poems I read on this prompt, the more I want to come back to it again and the more I love the prompt. I really liked the building version.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Maybe the most difficult part of it is to choose what you want to write about. Something you’re curious about, something you’d like to highlight for others… I hope you’ll write one, it’s fun once you find a topic you want to work on/work with.


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