Plans for tonight

1) To be abducted by aliens
2) To invent a wireless power bank for people
3) To spill all the bitterness I’ve bottled up from past lives
4) To kick in a double glazed window
5) To pretend I don’t think
6) To double kick in a glazed window
7) To spill all the bottles of bitter I have from past lives
8) To invent a powerless wire bank for people
9) To abduct an alien
10) To make plans for tonight

The prompt at Today, I challenge you to write a poem that uses the form of a list to defamiliarize the mundane.


20 thoughts on “Plans for tonight

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      1. Angela van Son Post author

        Thank you! My plan for now is to go out, have a coffee, write for todays prompt and following the links in your poem fom yesterday. Slowly, so that I get to savour each person you refer to.

      2. Manja Mexi Movie

        Yeahh! I still have to go through my comments but I saw that you were happy with the post. And now I’m happy to hear you’ll look through the links. MD Kerr’s website has been down though, sadly. She is on holidays. I hope it’s fixed soon.

  2. memadtwo

    I wrote a comment yesterday that seems to have been deleted or maybe never posted by WordPress….I think that’s a lot of the problem with the seeming scarcity of comments. The gist of what I asked was where to find the aliens…because I know a few people I’d like them to abduct! (K)

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  5. TooFullToWrite

    Lol This really is brilliant and so deserving of being featured Angela – how wonderful your piece has been recognised, I’m thrilled for you! I almost yelled out “Ow!” out loud when I read the bit about kicking in the double glazed window. I intend to binge read all of your earlier poems over the weekend too 😀


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