6 thoughts on “Misfit

  1. Dawn D

    I don’t know about the pleiades (I thought there was something about 6 syllables, though I may be mistaken, I don’t quite remember, I looked earlier today and so muxh has happened since!), but I really like your poem.
    I think it is more important any how 😉

      1. Dawn D

        🙂 Another day for me! And as I already have two poems set for tomorrow… it’ll wait a little while now 😉

  2. Spiral Artist

    Yes, you may. We can dance. Or we can just stay in place and sway and pretend it’s dancing. I don’t care if it isn’t dancing, just like how I don’t care if you are a misfit. We can listen to our own song and perform a magic trick, make everyone else disappear,

    (I loved the poem, by the way.)

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