My dreams are made of this
me floating on air streams
at will, no fear of falling
I know I’m in control

Skating at full speed
luscious curves, never bumping
into anything
I know I’m in control

My days are made of this
– turbulence
– falling
– bumping
– slow motion struggles
– tmIoncloir-n

The prompt for today at OctPoWriMo.com was Split in two.

Dialogue in unknown languages - by Angela van Son

13 thoughts on “Dud

  1. Spiral Artist

    Oh that closer was just brilliant. Took me a second, but the twist on the theme, control, was wonderful. Going from freefall of your own volition, speed and drift velocities way too high to shedding that illusion, revealing the truth behind it. Amazing.

  2. Cara Hartley

    As someone with type 2 bipolar disorder, the first two verses sound like hypomania and the third sounds like the inevitable drop into depression.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      It’s a lot easier to deal with when it’s just the difference between days and nights. Shorter highs, but also shorter lows. And a lot less intensive. At least that’s what I imagine.

  3. Dawn D

    Brilliant, Angela. I love the last line. like… WTF?? And yes, it’s EXACTLY what goes on in my mind when I’m feeling this down.

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