Cynical self help

No one
hates you more
than you

Some of us have brains who turn against ourselves. Those brains lie.

This one is totally off prompt – the prompt was colour. Obviously, this poem would be black. The poem is about many people I know, and many people I don’t know. Bless your heart if you don’t know what this feels like. Bless your heart even more if you do and you struggle with your mental health.




15 thoughts on “Cynical self help

  1. Dawn D

    I read or heard a speech not long ago about how that voice in your head isn’t really yours.
    For me, it is easy imagining it to be the voice of my ex, because he put so many things into my head that don’t belong there. But someone else apparently thinks it even more than I do (and don’t ask me to find the above-mentioned article or video!! 😜)
    Much love to you.
    (Having lived in the South of the USA, I tend to avoid the “bless your heart” phrase, which isn’t exactly nice there, more times than none!

      1. Angela van Son Post author

        Yikes. Looking up the different meanings shows it’s a poor choice of words in several meanings. Term of endearmentendearment, belittlement or pity is also not what I was aiming for! I’ll have to change this tomorrow.

  2. msjadeli

    Very well and succinctly said, Angela. Many times those tapes are recorded when you’re very young, then are reinforced through various ways, where anything that contradicts them are ignored and one is sensitized to confirm that the tapes are right. It’s deep grooves that get worn in the brain. To “jump the tracks” takes extreme focus and practice. Speaking only for myself, I’ve been trying to build new tracks for years but often only end up walking on a dirt track besides the old one, ready to be shoved back on them at any time.

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