Please be careful

It barked today
It bared its teeth
into a mean snarl
and barked
– barked
showing its teeth
pain would be inflicted
if the line was crossed

It barked
– barked
meanwhile wondering
why the line wasn’t clear
and needed barking
in the first place
it had clearly pissed
its territory already

But it barked – barked
ready to bite
if provoked
meanwhile wishing
for someone
to say

It’s safe
It’s allright to stand down
It’s safe

I see the line
I smell it
I hear you

Thanks for the warning
I’ll take care of you

The prompt for #OctPoWriMo today was Inside out. I’ve used the dog illustration before, for another barking poem called Ineffectual.

Dog barking

10 thoughts on “Please be careful

      1. Angela van Son Post author

        And when things have calmed down, we tell each other that we understand – and we mean it. I’d still prefer it not to happen, but we make the best of it we can.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Barbara, I believe that a quality of poems can be that they are about more than one concrete example. This one was written thinking about human defenseman mechanisms, and what’s behind it. Aggression when scared, in this case. You might be more right than I know.

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