A door walked into a bar
and said: I swing both ways
Nobody took him up on his offer

There was a prompt about doors opening in two directions – or something like that. I’m distracted by a happy child who has autumn holiday and suggested we could make ourselves some Halloween stuff. Priorities!



11 thoughts on “Nerved

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Thank you Sam, that helps! My inner critic tells me I’m lazy when I come up with the short ones.

      Often, they say all I need/want to say about something, so more words would be clutter. Thank you for telling me.

  1. Dawn D

    I really like your poem.
    As a child of mine would say, pity it had to announce to the world that it swung both ways. After all, those doors that only swing one way don’t have to explain themselves!
    Really well done. As well as on the Halloween treats! 🙂

  2. Spiral Artist

    That’s a very original take on the prompt. I love the twist on the joke opener (the “twist” in the joke “opener”… okay) and how it does turn out humorous. I take it this is a bar with a salloon-type door.

    Also, those look tasty!

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