Real news

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from FB,
that place that’s often ridiculed for being fake. window-dressing
a hot-wired algorithm for spreading fake news

is that the people I admire on there
have one thing in common
they do things THEIR way
They dare to be open
They dare to be different
They dare to be
even when these things
come at a cost
– often a great one

Here’s to you – Charlotte Farhan Art
Here’s to you – Alex Bear
Here’s to you – Pan Art
You connect, your way, even when it’s hard

For me, FB is hot-wired with inspiration
Artist – adding beauty to my life
Teachers – taking me into worlds I didn’t know
Rebels – showing a different way
Huggers – with arms so long they span the globe
Seekers – of happiness, self love, themselves
People – caring about each other, even when they’ve never met

I know I sell my data to the devil by being there
but it buys me a little piece of heaven

The prompt for today at was open. I decided to write from my heart and not care about form too much. I don’t care if is poetry, prose or neither – the text is true.

I know I didn’t mention the poets, but both #OctPoWriMo and #NaPoWriMo have been a source of meeting great people, reading wonderful things, entering new worlds, my brain and heart being fed and healed.

I hope to add some works of the artists to this post so you can see them, but I’ll have to ask first. If you’re curious, you can start by visiting their sites or their public Facebook pages:

Apocalypse child by Charlotte Farhan

Apocalypse Child by Charlotte Farhan

Phoenix Child by Charlotte Farhan

Phoenix Child by Charlotte Farhan

You left me in pieces by Charlotte Farhan

You left me in pieces by Charlotte Farhan


9 thoughts on “Real news

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      I don’t have a clue why the urge to thank people is so strong in me this #OcTPoWriMo, but it IS strong and I enjoy giving into it without making too much of a fuss if I think the poem is good. People matter so much and makes such a difference, and half the time they don’t know how much.

  1. paeansunplugged

    Couldn’t agree more Angela! I think blogging has brought me in contact with such loving and giving people that I am eternally grateful to them. This was such a beautiful heartfelt piece.

  2. Dawn D

    Amen. I love the poem, and I love the “You left me in pieces” art.
    Thank you for spreadng your humanity and care a little bit further.
    I also want to say: I know what you mean about FB. It’s helped me stay sane, keep in touch with many different people from around the globe, and make new friends. Just like my blog has. Oh the wonders of the Internet! 😀

  3. Spiral Artist

    You know, I have met some of my oldest friends through facebook, and never met them face to face, either. Far as that concerned, what I’ve observed is this: it’s not the medium that makes them fake, but themselves. The internet was conceived as a means of communication, so while it has many other facets as well, I think that aspect is often forgotten. Also forgotten is the fact that even face-to-face we use words to communicate. So by way of that – this poem, as a whole, talks to me in the same way that the awesome people I’ve met through FB talk to me. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Willow

    Love how you allowed yourself to open up for this piece. Of course it’s poetry, you played with your words and breathed life into them. Well done.

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