Hard copy

They lock me up. They keep me separate from the outside world. This cramped space leaves me longing for freedom. Instead I make myself small, trying to fit in. It reeks in here. There’s a stale smell of urine. All I can think about is fresh air. I want to stand up, make myself seen. I want connection, I want to be loved. The damp darkness is killing me. But I know it’s not safe out there. I want you to see my beauty, but you won’t acknowledge me. When I bare myself to you I get rejected.

The picture I sent
doesn’t show my core
just the unsolicited exterior

I know it’s not a proper haibun, but it’s as close to one as I’ve ever been 🙂 The prompt today at octpowrimo.com was See me, the suggested form a haibun

10 thoughts on “Hard copy

  1. Shuku

    Funnily enough, yesterday I was just reading a crime novel by Elly Griffiths, in which a kidnapped girl has been kept underground by her captor for 10 years. This is eerily very much like her thoughts. That aside though, it’s very powerful and says so much.

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