My friend Lisa is bit of a nutter
She helps people get rid of their clutter
If you feel the urge
for a decluttering splurge
‘please don’t do it’ is what she will utter

She suggests gentle decluttering instead
five things a day, just go ahead
Those five will soon turn into a lot
suddenly it’s a new habit you’ve got
and you know how get rid of things with less dread

Lisa knows we like our stuff
but also that enough ‘s enough
To help you decide what can stay or may go
her practical PDF’s help you say yes or say no
and keep the stuff you absolutely luvv

Lisa offers a lot for free
a single mum, working on her master’s degree
she’s the loveliest nutter
an expert on clutter
and my May-I-Please-Blow-Your-Trumpet nominee!

Award Lisa Nomination Lisa

My poem was inspired by an actual award that Lisa received. You Can see which one and why in the pictures. I recognise the description of Lisa being generous, helpful and passionate in many ways. We met online, years ago, and it has turned into a valuable friendship. She designed my website for Procrastination Coach, and would have helped me to make it even better if I’d taken the time to let her.

But I mainly wrote this poem because of the work she does with Less Stuff. It’s a website, blog and Facebook group where she provides support for people who struggle with decluttering. I dare say it’s life changing for people (including me), and she does most of this work for free.

Lisa has a Patreon page that she shares so modestly in the group that it took me a while to find it just now. She has a small shop of decluttering books, which feels more of a service to me than a commercial outlet.

I’m adding these links here, as a form of support to her work. You might want to join the Facebook group, check out her free materials (lots!), or buy one of her helpful documents (either as PDF or in paper form).

People who do good, should received good. Thank you Lisa for years of friendship and decluttering support. You ARE contagious, in the best of ways.

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