Be gentle with yourself!

I do – I don’t

I can’t, I won’t

I will get stoned

Be authentic!

I might, if I tried

but my hands are tied

I’m afraid I’ll die of fright

Go love yourself!

I would if I could

I know I should

– never mind, I’m good

Turn the other cheek!

I can – It hurts

I will – still

Bring it on – I deserve it

The prompt today at octpowrimo.com was What do you want, one of the suggested forms a dialogue. This is where it led me. The form happened because I felt this is not a linear poem, and the stanzas can change position. I rarely rhyme, and I think this poems shows why 🙂

Disposition - by Angela van Son

8 thoughts on “Disposition

  1. Dawn D

    Short and to the point. I like how you’re able to do that. I seem to have more trouble with it 😉

    “Turn the other cheek” is too close for comfort. “Go love yourself” too. I love them 🙂

    Thank you for sharing Angela

  2. Spiral Artist

    The dialogue aspect is done masterfully, there are indeed two distinct voices (or should I say, at least two) running throughout. Also, they seem to be responding to prompts themselves, which makes it a fun read on top of all that! Also, as Dawn D just said, those two hit especially hard – “Turn the other cheek” being the hardER one.

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