Once upon a time there was a girl
who became a boy
He lived happily ever after

Bonus poem 1
Once upon a time there was a boy
who became a girl
She lived happily ever after

Bonus poem 2
Once upon a time
there was a world
where you could be
who you want to
without people
making a fuss of it

The prompt at for day 18 was fairytale, the suggested form a fable. I became very concise instead. I just felt the story was told after three lines… I’ve written longer ones before:

Maybe the portrait I chose for this poem deserves some explanation. I’ve been practicing my drawing by using pictures of the fabulous photographer Valérie Belin as reference pictures. She creates amazing portraits of people, things and dogs. In all of my drawings the gender of the model became harder to read – through lack of skill on my side. Unintendedly, this seems to be in line with her (highly skillful!) photography, as I just discovered in this article.

Here’s the link to the picture I used for my practice (I used a book): I’ve seen the pictures in real life, I real size, and they just blew me away!

The other portraits I drew accompany If you were me and Fixed (original pictures here). I haven’t referenced the works of ms Belin there, because I thought the drawings too far away from the quality of her work.

Inflection - by Angela van Son

17 thoughts on “Inflection

  1. Dawn D

    Beautiful stories indeed.
    One of my children once told me “I don’t think LGBTQ people should have to ever ‘come out’. After all straight people never do.”
    I think it a fair statement.

      1. Dawn D

        I am rather proud of my children. Except when they are driving me mad, of course, like tonight, or the day before… :/ 😀

  2. Jesi Scott

    Never any need to apologize for not using the “suggested” form. 😉 You do you. And this was done perfectly. Brevity packs a lot of power when it’s on such a subject. Well done, Angela. This sums up everything and speaks a powerful truth.

  3. memadtwo

    Yes! I have noticed myself that I often can’t assign a gender (or even a race or nationality) to the people I see on the street. Of course I live in NYC, but I think (or hope anyway) that’s the way we are heading. Why categorize in that way? We should be who we are, not who someone else wants us to be.(k)

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