If I were me

If I were me
I’d realise how much
all of us
matter to each other
even the ones who can’t feel it

That darkness in your brain
that tells you you’re not good enough
is lying

You can often tell by how hard it works
it sends constant reminders
because it fears you’re not going to believe it

All those little things
your brain claims don’t count –
they make a difference to someone else

Maybe it’s a nod to a stranger
Maybe it’s a like on Facebook
Maybe you made someone smile
Maybe you make someone feel better

When your brain is working overtime
telling you that you don’t matter
it knows it lies
otherwise it wouldn’t work this hard

Some days the little differences you make
are the biggest ones
for someone else

If I were me
I’d let you know
I want you in my life
I support you
I care about how you feel
I’m willing to be there in bad times
I’m willing to share the good times
I’m willing to let you know my boundaries
so you know you’re always safe with me
– No lies –
Just my own inadequacies
because I’m human too

If I were me
I’d be grateful for having you in my life
exactly the way you are

The prompt at octpowrimo.com was If I were me. I doubt the poetic qualities of this piece, but I love the message and at the moment that matters more to me.

10 thoughts on “If I were me

  1. Dawn D

    Wow Angela! So powerful!
    Thank you for writing these words. They ring so true!
    Hang in there, love yourself, shut that little voice, it’s not even yours, and… take good care of yourself.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Im happy I’ve learned to ignore the opinionated voice in my head and just post what I’ve written. Lovely to see my poem through your eyes, thank you!

      1. cathytea

        Yes, that’s the best, I feel, both for writing and living! We’re so much bigger than that voice would have us believe , and what a gift when we share both to the recipient and the giver!

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