If you were me

If I were you
I’d hide
from my thoughts

If I were you
I’d read a book
until this life was over

If I were you
I’d love

What would
you do
if you
were me?

The prompt today was If I were you, the suggested form a Blitz. I do like blitzes, but wasn’t feeling blitzy today. It’s a bright sunny day, 24 degrees Celsius mid October, but I’m tired and it’s raining in my brain. I think I’ve learned to be mindful with that by now, and I’m able to enjoy the beautiful outside even when my inside doesn’t match it.#OctPoWriMo day 13 is done.

If you were me - by Angela van Son

8 thoughts on “If you were me

  1. Spiral Artist

    I like the sense of creeping darkness that slips between the lines, sort of like a foreboding, eerie fog covering the otherwise already dark woods. Love that vibe. Love this poem.

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