Respectfully not yours

Dear thoughts that are not in my head,

I like where you are right now.
Please stay there.

Respectfully not yours,


To whom it may concern,

Keep your hands off my body
unless I clearly give permission
to do otherwise.

Keep your words off my soul
unless I invite you
to an exchange

Respectfully not yours,


Dear guy who is confused,

#metoo doesn’t mean you can’t flirt
It means you can’t grab
#metoo doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to show interest
It means we demand that it’s shown with respect
#metoo doesn’t mean all men are suspect now
It means women are fed up with not knowing who’s safe

Respectfully not yours,

The prompt for day 7 was to write a letter to someone or something. I recntly wrote two letters to my inner critic, disguised as a poem. They are called Dear IC and Dear IC#2 I wanted to take today’s prompt some place else.

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