9 thoughts on “Denied

  1. Cara Hartley

    I hear you! That’s the very way I feel about desire. Too messy and too awful. Never again.
    The image paired with this poem is beautiful!

  2. msjadeli

    tricky to condense using 11 words. beautifully accomplished. and yes, the painting really pulls me in and gets my imagination going in combination with the poem!

  3. Spiral Artist

    I had never read an elevenie before, and reading this, I feel like I should try it sometime. As for this particular one, it may be short, but boy does it devastate.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Thank you! I can’t do haikus, because I don’t understand the English rules for syllables. So when once upon a time, during one of the Poetry Writing Months, I found out about the elevenie I was thrilled. Finally a short form I’m able to do. I like how they invite me to make snapshots of a moment. Something that happens, something I’m thinking. You get the core and nothing more.

      1. Spiral Artist

        I usually use a syllable counter (there are many of those online) for haikus… even though they mostly tell you that you’re off by a single syllable…

        Back to the point: the format is very, very interesting and you use it to great impact.

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