A limiting condition

When she opened her eyes and said ‘I love you’, he wondered Can it be true?
When she asked for his hand in marriage he asked ‘Are you sure’?
When she said ‘I do’, he secretly thought I find that hard to believe.
When they lived happily ever after, he played Will you still love me tomorrow on repeat.
It was only on her death bed that he plucked up the courage to ask Was it me you loved, or just that I kissed you awake after 100 years of sleep?

The prompt for today was to write a prose poem. I’m not sure I’ve done that. I’m also not sure I didn’t do that.

No feature today. I’m in a hurry, and I didn’t read a lot yesterday. My brain just said STOP.

7 thoughts on “A limiting condition

  1. Elizabeth Boquet

    I’d say, you definitely wrote a prose poem. Not only that, you managed it with dialogue (which is something I often try to do but don’t manage very well.) My 2 centimes.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Sometimes it’s easier to do something when you don’t even try it 😉 I had written a draft of this and couldn’t find a way to turn it into a poem. Then this prompt came, and the draft didn’t even need too many changes. Mainly lay-out and details.

      Merci beaucoup!

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Yes , that’s a good way of putting it Benita. Thank you for your feedback. I had no time for reading the examples, so I couldn’t really compare what I’s written to anything.

      I’m interested to see what other s came up with, this was a challenging prompt I believe.

  2. Dawn D

    I really loved this. The genders reversed, the man wondering if he’s really loved or not until the ending, the fairy tale hints… Really well done!
    I didn’t write a prose poem at all today. But hey, there’s always tomorrow 😉


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