Revoke access

I did not agree
to third party applications
so when I found out
he cheated on me
I deleted him

I slept really badly tonight, so I’m in energy saving mode. I wrote this one during #NaPoWriMo day two, when the muse hit me on the head and I wrote several poems in one go. This one was written after Hard reset and Proposition. Computer jargon was the inspiration for all three. Todays prompt was to write a hopeful poem about loss. If I had chosen that, I would’ve written about loos of sleep and having a great day anyway 😉

Yesterday, as soon as I read Fossil, I knew I wanted to feature it. Sangbad Mitra wrote a sound poem very different from mine. He incorporated sound to tell a story and make it not only visible (which the words do) but also audible. It’s concrete, rich, particular and yet universal. Go and have a look!


7 thoughts on “Revoke access

  1. Dawn D

    I like your poem. Even if I don’t apply this, because I do agree to third party applications 😉
    It’s short, to the point, without being in your face. Really well done!

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