Eccentricity 0

She was sick of all her degrees
She had so many
She felt shallow
She really wanted to be more square
More like the others
Stop shaping herself to perfection
A never ending story
360 was just too much
The constant distance to her centre bothered her
She longed to be more square
Euclid had given her a straight jacket
No way to be straight
Regular she was
But square she couldn’t be
So she started scratching herself
Little by little
Piece by piece
Until one day
She managed to round a corner

Here’s one (of many) that I really liked from yesterday’s prompt: A Mirrors Reflection by Soulstructuredlines.


12 thoughts on “Eccentricity 0

  1. Dawn D

    Love your take on this one! The rounding of a square/squaring of a round is something that is difficult to attain when you were taught you had to be perfect.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      I think I’m getting less perfect every day, and that it’s a good thing 😉 Not that I ever was perfect to start with, but letting go of that idea is simply healthy.


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