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Keeping it extremely short for today’s prompt, Narcissus or narcissism. One reason is that I’m still tired from breaking my brain on yesterday’s prompt. A second one is that I thought there was a different prompt, and I already worked on that one. I’m not sure whether I dreamt that prompt or if I read it somewhere. A third reason is that I’m a bit in awe of being the featured participant for today – with the weirdest poem I’ve ever written. I’m grateful and flabbergasted 🙂

I’d like to featured a fellow participant today, whose poem couldn’t have been more different from mine yesterday: Sam Allen’s Rebel with a cause, about a rebellious ventriloquist’s doll…

Bosch in Den Bosch


5 thoughts on “Conundrum

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      It’s a detail from a Hieronymus Bosch painting turned into a sculpture. Fabulous exposition of his paintings last year, and the sculptures all over the city of Den Bosch (Netherlands) were a joy too.

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