When having sex
with an IT guy
do not suggest
a hard reset

It’s not helpful

A follow up to my earlier hard reset poem, on a different subject. Which probably means it’s not a follow up, but hey, it’s Sunday morning and I’m grumpy. I love today’s prompt, but I need to relax so it will have to wait. This is the prompt, suggested by poet Sarah Blake, whose second full-length book of poetry, Let’s Not Live on Earth, is newly out from Wesleyan University Press. The prompt is to write a poem in which a villain faces an unfortunate situation, and is revealed to be human (but still evil).

My daily recommendation of a fellow poet brings you to My own garden of verse, who reveils the true meaning of ASAP in her day 13 poem. If you happen to read german (or don’t mind the poetic license of Google translate), I also recommend Aus dem Schaukelstuhl. It combines sensory details with big questions in a loving way.

No explanations were made by Eric Rebaser

No explanations were made by Eric Rebaser

I’m happy that I can show you some of Eric’s amazing photography, by combining it with my poems. One of the wonderful things about #NaPoWriMo is sharing inspiration, fun and beauty in many forms.

The picture probably has a lot more in common with my mood than it has with the lighthearted poem. Consider that poetic license as well 😉


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