Contemporary vows

This user agreement
is a contract between me and you
it applies to our marriage only

By marrying me
you agree to comply
with all the terms and conditions
please read all of them carefully

We may amend this user agreement
at any time by renewing our vows –
separation takes 30 day’s prior notice

If one of us closes our marriage
we will cancel any scheduled or incomplete transactions
we must withdraw all love from our marriage prior to closing it

Both of us will remain liable for all obligations
related to any offspring the marriage produced

#NaPoWriMo day 11. The prompt by Kwoya Fagin Maples is to write “a poem that addresses the future, answering the questions “What does y(our) future provide? What is your future state of mind? If you are a citizen of the “union” that is your body, what is your future “state of the union” address?””. The clashing images of body, mind and state of the union address stood out for me.

My poem takes the contract of marriage rather literally. I took a user agreement, and adjusted it. In a way it’s found poetry… It also fits the deal/no deal prompt at Writer’s Digest I believe.

I had to hunt a poem down to share it with you today. I read it, but forgot who wrote it. But the poem lingered in my mind… Here’s Kathie Haigh‘s take on yesterday’s  simultaneity prompt: Tripping over time. I love its high tempo slow motion! When you read it, you’ll understand what I mean 🙂

User agreement

by Angela van Son

10 thoughts on “Contemporary vows

  1. Dawn D

    I like your poem, even if it brings sad memories out. Of an agreement I probably shouldn’t have entered. And though all love is gone, the contract still holds, 4+ years later. Ugh!

    I also loved the high paced/SlowMo poem you linked to! I didn’t write anything of the kind, it would have been fun… but it wasn’t to be last night, too many thoughts on my mind!

    Well done Angela!

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Many of my friends chose living together over marriage. Would that have made your breakup easier or worse you think? Feel free to answer on your own blog, more privately!

      1. Dawn D

        It would definitely have made it worse. Shorter timewise, but I wouldn’t have had the protection of the law. I’ll try to answer longer on my blog tonight 🙂

  2. Shuku Li

    This is definitely applicable, and should be I think! I especially find the last two lines spot-on:

    Both of us will remain liable for all obligations
    related to any offspring the marriage produced

    Beautifully written, and the dry tone of it fits perfectly!

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