Would you pray to me?

I’m no god
but if you’d pray to me
I’d grant you all your wishes


they benefit others as much as you
they are meaningful in the long run
their ecological footprint is small
they are backed by either science or religion
they cause no harm

I’d grant you all your wishes
Though I’m no god
tell me what you pray for


by Angela van Son

Today’s prompt on napowrimo.net was to write about multiple things happening at once. I’ve always been puzzled what happens when people pray for opposite things at the same time – especially when they pray to the same god. Who wins?

Why don’t you walk with me and my friend Jenny through Paris,  whilst you ponder on that? She’s written a wonderful poem about finally getting something she’d never got before. Her poem is called Abandoned perspective, and it’s a lot better than my introduction of it. It features tired legs and Picasso.

9 thoughts on “Would you pray to me?

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  2. Ron.

    I want to know what people pray for, too; it makes it easier for me to decide which ones should be immediately exterminated. Mwhahahahaha!

  3. Dawn D

    How are we ever to know whether domething benefits others as much as us? Why would it be more valid then?

    I believe prayer works only if you try to achieve something for yourself. You cannot know what another person would really benefit from.

    If I pray for someone, I’ll always ask “please, do what is best for them.”

    I find it extremely selfish, for example, to ask for someone to have a long life/not to die from a disease.
    What if what they REALLY want is to die? It’s not my place to decide!

    Everyone should be free to decide for themselves if what they want.
    If I REALLY want to be in a relationship with someone but they REALLY want to be with someone else… maybe we’re BOTH better off not being together!!

    It’s long and complicated to explain, but I believe we all are perfect and all deserve love and everything we wish for, as long as it comes from a place of love and not greed, hate or fear.
    So I ask. And more often than not, things happen into my life as I need them. Say my prayers are answered, or that I open up my mind to the right opportunities by looking at things from a place of love… I don’t really care. I’m getting answers and moving forward, that’s all that counts to me!

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