Two sides of a circle

Look, look! into my face Badhlav
Search for my eyes
Hunt for my eyes
It is for want of clothing
not for modesty’s sake
that I hide from you

Feel, feel! cloth for protection
Guising colour, shape, sight, smell
Home to thoughts unknown, unseen
unheard, as maidens dare not speak

Galaxies remain distant my Badnaam
Everything created for God
can lead my boundless love astray

Your face my sweetest memory
until my limitless thirst for deeper meaning
swiftly makes love just
white space seem something senseless
and releasing my captivity
white space white space seem something brave


Picture source copyright Eric Rebaser, who generously permitted me to use one of his pictures, as he did for day 5 of #NaPoWriMo Check out his work, it’s lovely!

Those (mis) translation poems are so hard to make… I’ve used a poem by Preethi Byrappa, called Zindagi ho gayi Barbad. I have to ask her what language it is written in, because she writes in at least three and I don’t understand a word of this one. I’ll let you know as soon as I find out 🙂 It’s in Hindi – one of the most spoken languages in the world… I’ve copied the poem below.

Zindagi ho gayi Barbad

Gadi gadi roop mein hai Badhlav,
Uparse hai kuch aur,
Andarse hai kuch aur,
Od liya hai sab jute Naqaab,
Mushkil hai pehchanna Yaar,
Parivar, Dost ho ya Pyaar,
Bar bar lete hai Imtihaan,
Samajhna  nahi chahte meri Baat,
Mili naa khushi kar ke Intezar,
Sabarka ho rahi hai Satyanash,
Galatfahmi honse hogai mein Badnaam,
Tut rahi hai Vishwas,
Har rishte mein aa gai Dharar,
Khai  thokar  mein har baar,
Dil mein aa rahi hai kuch khayal,
Kya sabhi rishte jutse ho gayi Shuruvadh,
Is dukh mein Zindagi ho gayi Barbad……

© by Preethi Byrappa

Was there no new prompt today? For this is the day 5 prompt – again. Yes, there was a new prompt. It’s so good that I actually want to have my poem for the day out of my way before I start thinking on it.

Since I wanted to try my hand on the very challenging (mis)translation poem again, and I already had Preethi in mind, this was the perfect solution. Preethi surprised me by translating one of my Dutch poems for her day 5 poem, and I loved it. I hope you like yours too Preethi!

5 thoughts on “Two sides of a circle

  1. viewsofpreethib

    OMG Angela 🙂 Thank you so much for using my poem and doing the prompt again 🙂 Wow I am on cloud 9 today 🙂

    Amazing write Angela, loved your poem.

    “Zindgai Ho Gayi Barbad” this poem is written in “Hindi”.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Maybe from now on I’ll recognise Hindi when I see it, I’ve been looking at each of your words in the poem many, many times.

      I’m glad you love it, thank you! Have fun on cloud 9, I hope you get to stay there for a while 🙂

      1. viewsofpreethib

        Thank you so much Angela 🙂 I am honored 🙂
        It is a Hindi version poem but written in English alphabets.
        “Zingagi Ho Gayi Barbad” means “Life is been Destroyed”! That is the exact translation in English.

  2. Smitha V

    Loved the original and the translation. More so because I understand both the languages. And now I know how our translations must sound to those who can understand the language of the original poem.

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