The hellcats

She marks the battlefield
for them to come
she invites them for their fury

Propelled by knives’ blades
the rumbling noise
travels up higher
pushing, cracking bones
grinding teeth
until the light falls

Then with thunderous claws and lightning
she challenges the hellcats
up their miscreant steamrollers
intending the mist to spring alive
for even inimical armed forces
wither to end small

She foretells
the season will change immediately
because for this constellation
Lethe will come

When I saw this picture in March, I knew straight away I wanted to use it during #NaPoWriMo. So it was perfect that today’s prompt called for using a photo and a poem in a language you don’t understand. We were invited to translate a poem into English, with the idea that the poem is actually “about” our photograph.

Luckily Eric, the talented photographer, kindly allowed me to use his picture. I totally recommend his Tumblr page, for he makes you look at things in a way you’ve never done before. If you like painting you might be particularly impressed with his more abstract pictures (I know I am!). He’s also on Twitter.

I’d also like to highlight the poem I used to create this one. It’s in Swedish, and it’s from a fellow #NaPoWriMo participant, Ileea. I have no clue what her day 2 poem was about, but I loved traveling through her words and enjoying their unfamiliarity. Right now, I start to get worried that the meaning of my poem might clash completely with hers, or be offensive in any other way. If so, I apologise!

Copyright picture, created by, who kindly permitted me to use it

5 thoughts on “The hellcats

  1. Ileea

    I am so thrilled to read this! Does not clash with my poem at all, but is rather quite fitting! They are both quite violent, containing breaking bones and lightning. I’m very flattered that you wanted to use my poem 🙂

  2. rivrvlogr

    The photo is very compelling. I can see why you chose it.
    I also like your poem choice. I have been intrigued by Ileea’s entries for NaPoWriMo, running them through Google Translate, which she says gives a fair translation.

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