Two festivals of me

If I was to organise a festival of me
I’d be playing in all the bands
The line up in random order
– surprises solicit creativity

Best Leftovers
Patient no More
For Fun’s sake

A get-together like you’ve never seen before
leading up to six days of exhaustion
– a seventh day for cleaning up

There’d be drug-free drugs
healthy vibrations
letting go


If you were to organise a festival of me
you’d let me watch all the bands
The line up carefully chosen
to have a desired effect

Cook Daily – It’s no joke (ska)
Shoes Weren’t Made for Lying in the Room – Revolation (blues)
To do To do To do – Rest for the Crickets (doowop)
Freaky Fuckin’ Fun Fest – Anonymite (metal)

There’d be craft beer and great snacks
Toilets with no queue
Ear plugs for free
A secret room for throwing paint at walls
A pottery shatter barn (all shards to be recycled)

Both would make me cry

Charcoal Portrait Colour

For those of you who don’t know him, I’d like to introduce you to David Ellis from Too Full to Write. He’s an incredibly hard working and generous poet, and on day 1 he took guilty pleasures to a whole new level!

On a side note: I wanted another picture for this poem, but I haven’t painted or drawn anything with the right vibe. A more festive vibe.

I could work on that today, but on my business blog I’ve openly promised to work on my administration this week… I’ll start working on that in 15 minutes, and will make reading your #NaPoWriMo poems a reward. So administration, reward, administration, reward, administration, reward it will be. And maybe celebrate my accomplishment with a happy blog on the business site 🙂

2 thoughts on “Two festivals of me

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