When I first met me
I was the bee’s knees
promising like a spring day
fertile as cow dung

When I met me again –
waxing eloquently
on everything I didn’t know
as entertaining as I’d ever be –
I was just full of it
and I knew it

We lost touch
my pen pal promise
a face in the crowd
our sense of soul mate

#NaPoWriMo day 2 is done, and I managed to work from the prompt. Yay!

Today’s inspiration came from an essay recommend by the NaPoWriMo page. I’ll copy paste both their description and link here: “an essay by Katie Rensch on the poetic “I” – you know, that mysterious self who sometimes speaks in your poems. Rensch discusses how the use of the first-person voice affects a poem, and how the poet can draw the reader in or push them away by the selection of a voice, and how even within the first-person voice, both the identity and complexity of voice can change.”


9 thoughts on “Fray

  1. Oloriel

    This reminds me a lot of when one reads their very early work and often proclaims things such as “I wrote this? Who wrote this?”.

  2. Dawn D

    Good use of the different ‘personalities” of the I!
    I jumped in too late, and haven’t quite followed prompts yet, but I’m thinking I probably could try to take part, as this month is not supposed to be the busiest. So… we’ll see 🙂
    I wrote two poems for now. Maybe I’ll even get to write one for the very first prompt? 🙂

      1. Dawn D

        I am… but can’t link for privacy purposes. It’s Ok. It’ll do me good!
        I’m glad you enjoyed!
        Now… ZZzzzz 😉

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