The door to another life

And she looked around for the door to another life

One of those soap adverts where
The mother smiles
The children are just naughty enough to be adorable
The husband ruffles hair instead of feathers
The dogs bark at the right side of the moon

She found a black door
painted red
its hinges cleverly hidden

Innocent laughter came from behind it/she could almost smell the freshly mowed grass

When she tried the door handle
(trying in vain to block the noise)
she only noticed the small print
because she stepped on a lego brick

Don’t fall through the rabbit hole – knock on wood

6 thoughts on “The door to another life

  1. Angela van Son Post author

    I’m not sure there’s a creative license called “feel free to take this and use it if I consider you my friend and appreciate your work”. You’d qualify for one, Jane too. Have a lovely season, the both of you. May it be filled with banter and fun.

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