Victor’s happy ending

When Victor entered the afterlife, he kept on writing.

He wrote stories
with happy beginnings and happy endings
He wrote poems which oozed joy
He wrote television shows that were hard to watch
(too many belly laughs is exhausting)

He wrote to his grandparents to thank them
for all he learned from them
He wrote letters to his parents, explaining everything he felt
(he knew they wouldn’t read them anyway)

He wrote a love letter to himself
He answered it

Victor kept on writing
The love of his life
was also the love of his afterlife

After a comment yesterday that started with ‘poor Victor’, I realised he deserved some more words.

3 thoughts on “Victor’s happy ending

  1. TooFullToWrite

    A ‘Victor’y of sorts for Victor! I don’t think I could ever stop writing either, even in the afterlife I’d be trying to think of the next song or poem to work on. Victor is an inspiration! 🙂


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