He likes mornings

He chitters, chatters, clitters, clatters – he likes mornings
I mumble, stumble, grumble, fumble
I don’t like mornings

He hums, drums, sings, swings – he likes mornings
I flump, bump, grump, wanna thump
I don’t like mornings

He sways, strays, plays, finds ways – he likes mornings
I hide, abide, guide, chide
I don’t like mornings

He moves, grooves, screams, beams – he likes mornings
I love him, want to shove him, but I love him –
even when he likes mornings

Inspired by today’s prompt, though not exactly following it. We’re on day 24 of #OctPoWriMo. I’m amazed that I’m still able to write, even on days when I feel like all ink has dried up in me.

8 thoughts on “He likes mornings

  1. Dawn D

    I like the sounds in the poem, I can see both of you, one joyful and happy, the other… like me.
    Yes, you did it, you’re still writing, and beautiful poems at that! Only one more week, what will we do with ourselves afterwards? 😉


      1. Morgan Dragonwillow

        I’m the chipper one in my family, totally irritates my grown daughter. She’s like, “Let me drink my tea and then you can talk to me.” Well done on the poem.

        I hope you don’t disappear. My hope for you, and the rest of the poets participating in OctPoWriMo, is to be able to tap into your muse all year long and take it to new and wonderful places!

  2. heyannis

    Lots of fun in this poem, even though one is the morning Grinch. Love the rhyme and repetition. Yes, you’re still writing. And I am one who looks forward to your daily offering. Thank you. xoA

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