Hope is deadPlease edit me
I am lostLay your words on me

I am, ain’t I?

I miss me (on repeat)
I miss me (on repeat)

Full stop

Scattered everywherethe peace I never had
Today’s prescription: acknowledgement

Get me out of here, as if your life depended on it
Do you think you can? That’s the question

Rescue meI’m not worthy
Leave me this way, at the end of the tunnel
Escape half way through my funeral
Einstein was right: love has amazing properties

I’m glad you calledshoot me
at the crossroads/in the name of the father

No more tearserasure
* Permission denied *
Happy ending/Apocalypse later

You know the end
She lived happily ever after
but who’s counting?
A no brainer

If I look through my archives, it seems that OctPoWriMo 2014 was the first time when I created a poem out of titles. Titles from the blog of fellow participants, or their poems. I wrote it as a hommage, to end my first participation in #OctPoWriMo. I’ve done it again sometimes, during NaPoWriMo. It’s a form of found poetry that enables me to share some of the beautiful words I’ve read.

This one is different: found poetry from my own blog. I tried to work with titles only and no added words. I almost made it 🙂 One of the titles I used isn’t published yet (I miss me), so I couldn’t link to it. During the process of linking up the other titles I found that I renamed She lived happily ever after to Reorganisation. I totally prefer the original title!

The result is a bit of a mess to read. Part of it is meant that way, to represent scattered thoughts, changes of mind, franticness (yes, that’s a made up word). Part of it is not meant that way: links make an ugly read.  But I really wanted to link up to the poems that inspired this.

I hope you enjoy reading my contribution to #OctPoWriMo day 22. It’s inspired by the prompt, a hero’s journey. Though that might be hard to tell. I had no energy left for a brilliant title.

8 thoughts on “Titled

  1. Morgan Dragonwillow

    I love that you pulled all of your titles together to create a poem! And yes, it is a hero’s journey diving into our words, moving through the dark and light, and coming out the other side.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      It was a great excuse to go through old work. It seems I’ve written 265 poems since I first started which was 2013 or 2014). The prompts and the community really help. Thank you for your work!

  2. Dawn D

    I liked your poem. I like even more the fact that it’s made of titles of your OWN poetry!
    I particularly liked the stanza starting with “rescue me – I’m not worthy […]”
    You keep inspiring me, thank you Angela!


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