Caterpillar and ugly duckling
got so fed up with
comments about their looks
they made a pact with each other

Caterpillar spun a cocoon around them both
– impenetrable, unbreakable –
then ugly duckling swallowed him whole

No one would say
they weren’t beautiful
ever again

Their plan failed

The cocoon broke
Ugly duckling crawled out
She had brightly coloured wings
and conspicuous, fluttering flight

The prompt for day 21 of #OctPoWriMo was Nothing reamins the same. Somehow this is where that led me. I might try and draw the fluttering duckling tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I am able. I still long for a drawing to go with one of the earliest poems I wrote. I see the picture in my head, of an old fashioned bath (one of those with legs, words streaming from the tap, colouring the water…

4 thoughts on “Shifting

  1. Dawn D

    I loved it. I just feel sorry for the caterpillar who did all the work and got eaten as a thank you.
    I love your artwork, and will probably enjoy whatever you draw. One day, when my life is more settled, I’ll do it too 😊
    (One can always dream, right!)


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