The house did not witness the murder
It closed its blinds and retreated into the cellar

The sun shone, the birds sang
The wind blew, the bell rang
No one opened the door

A fascinating prompt today on “Everyone went on eating” is the phrase of the day. We’re taking a slightly darker turn here. What is something that has happened that you felt should’ve changed things, but in the end didn’t cause a reaction?

I love it, but I’m not in a headspace where I’m willing to go there. I could not go with the vulnerable bit of the prompt, but I did go with the darker turn bit.

The #metoo conversations are still on my mind. One of the things that struck me yesterday, is that some commenting men were genuinely wondering how they could take the initiative without running the risk of displaying unwanted behaviour, hence being harassing.

It flabbergasted me and worried me. I know a lot of men who do know the difference between showing interest and being harassing. So what do we do with the men who genuinely don’t know how to approach a women in a way that makes her feel appreciated without being threatened?

5 thoughts on “Substantiation

  1. memadtwo

    I really like that poem…it has a lot of mystery.
    Good question about men. These days it seems we have to question everyone’s motivations about everything, so I don’t know…(K)

  2. heyannis

    Definitely a “business as usual” poem. Your opening lines are stunning. I like how you made the house a living thing. Thank you. xoA

    Did you read Barbara Weeks Huntington’s and Wanda Olugbala’s #Metoo poems on Poets on the Page?

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Yes! When I have more time available, I’ll ask them if I can link up their poems to one of my posts of the last days. Thanks for making me realise that.

  3. Dawn D

    I like your imagination, the images you use, the fact this way your poem speaks to many about whatever it is they need it to speak about.
    I don’t seem to have that prowess.

    I am sorry that you are still so shaken by the “me too” stories. I know I am rattled too. Maybe that’s why I can’t write anything light at the moment?

    I agree with you. It’s a problem. But as someone pointed out, it’s everywhere. In movies, in books. The woman says no, the man insists, he wins her over. They live happily ever after.
    The man who was writing this was taking the example if Princess Leia and Han Solo.
    It’s very pervasive.
    I am glad some men are genuinely interested in learning. It means they have become aware that they are part of the problem. That’s good!
    It’s the first, hardest step.
    Even men who don’t think they’re part of the problem (and probably aren’t) like my Dancer have a hard time understanding that when I get male attention, it’s not always welcome. I had to tell him, with tears in my voice, how worried I got that one time, or stuck that other… because I am me, insecure and needing validation, because he enjoys flirting, he assumed I was always grateful for attention.
    I had to teach him.
    That’s how we do it. One man at a time, with patience and love.
    And hopefully we can change our society 😊


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