The elephant in the room

The angry elephant in the room
tiptoed towards the escape hatch
His trunk smashed all the china
but he stepped on no one’s toes

No one complained loudly
Why do you wreck my wares?
If you’d have stomped your feet
and kept your trunk to yourself
nothing would have shattered

The sad elephant in the room
held back his tears and swallowed
Being the elephant in the room
never works out
no matter how hard you try

The elephant in the room
starved itself to death
It never complained
It just said sorry
when no one tripped over his vacant skin

The unwanted elephant in the room perished
not a trace of him was left
No one was surprised
it felt lonely

Day 14 of #OctPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is movement and words.

3 thoughts on “The elephant in the room

  1. Dawn D

    This is a beautiful poem, witty yet makes me very sad.
    I want to try to write about a topic that is slightly different from the ones I’ve been writing lately. Something a bit more cheerful. I read the first sentences of your poem in the reader and thought yours would cheer me up but… :/
    Ha! Life is funny that way!
    I’ll ry to write about Autumn. It is such a pretty season 🙂


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