Of course she knew the man of her dreams would turn into the man of her nightmares.

That’s how love stories go,

She took her axe, sharpened the blade.
She yelled ‘Honey, I’m home’
She lived happily ever after.

Today’s prompt on called for a cherita. Cheritas are a stanza based form rather than a syllable-based one.
It’s really simple:
1 line stanza.
2 line stanza.
3 line stanza.
The lines can be any length you choose. Cheritas are also traditionally not titled. The form comes from Malaysia, being the Malay word for “story.” The prompt was metal. I don’t feel I’ve done it justice, but I’m happy I tried out a new form. One that’s easy to remember, and fun to apply.

13 thoughts on “Caritas

  1. Dawn D

    At least you mentioned SOME metal and told an actual story!
    I used the form bit, but am not sure I did any of the other two.
    No twist at the end. Just happiness. Happiness is good too, though, isn’t it? 😊

    Well done on the prompt, and still being here after day 3 😉
    As for the story, I sense some recurrent theme in your poems so far…
    It makes for good poetry but I do hope it’s mostly fiction!

      1. Dawn D

        WHAT? You mean you didn’t murder him? Oh well! There goes my imagination 😉
        (glad to hear there’s fiction in there, but you have to admit that there’s a recurring theme with yesterday’s post!)

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