Sat outside
Laughing, drinking wine
It’s getting rather late

Walking in
Showing his club
Mine has nine spikes

I like how #elevenies help to capture moments, like snapshots. Yesterday was a very warm day, too hot to go to sleep. So a number of neighbours gathered outside and shared drinks and snacks, and a lot of stories. A fabulous evening in lovely company.

Today when we were having dinner a caveman walked in. Which was not as surprising as it sounds. My son’s school will have a school camp next week, and they chose cavemen as a theme. My son has been wearing a caveman outfit non stop for two days, and today the son of the neighbours came to proudly show his club. All cavemen are playing outside now. My guess is they’re testing their clubs…

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dawn D

    I do quite like elevensies and am very glad NaPoWriMo introduced me to them this year!

    Joyful poems that relate in very few words an intriguing scene. Something I struggle with most of the time. Ah, well… life! 😊

  2. vhosking

    Wonder what you consider a hot night. The summer in the southwest desert has been very warm this year, but fortunately we have AC to stay cool.

  3. -Eugenia

    Delightful poem and thank you for sharing the photo. Our temps have been on the rise this week, with 100 degree F days and the nights are in the mid-seventies. We use fans and the a/c to keep cool. Thank you for joining in.

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