Letdown Felicity


being absent
from my life
I effing miss you



being there
when I need you
The fun we have

I’m off prompt, because I’ve been working ahead, worried that I wouldn’t have enough time to write in the last week of #NaPoWriMo. Skipping days just isn’t an option when we’re this near to the end 😉 This one combines the elevenie prompt of day 23, and the subject of the poem I shared that day called I secretly gave up on you.

Later on I decided to make this a double elevenie by adding another friend to the poem. She deserved a title of her own 🙂 The definition of felicity is: “the quality or state of being happy; especially :  great happiness.” That’s what my weekend away with her has been. I wrote Ambrosia about the fabulous meal we had.

I chose the painting of the piggies because they look really happy, and one is rather absent.

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