This and other poems

My dearest Grapeling
it could be that

the ordinary average thoughts of us
are but instructions for not living a life

So maybe
yogic release
and looking in the mirror
can wipe the thoughts of words
and bring back the glitters of life

Until that annoying voice
of a bad fairy
in the guise of a poet
whispers – again:

A poem is a machine for making
a writer’s fountain
so write, ally, write your
soul structured lines

Once more we are temporary saints
our faith unlocked
bitten by a timorous beastie

Had I but one more day
I’d heal our elusive verse

We have a thing for words

Did you know there’s poetry in your poetry? This poem is based on websites and titles of you, my fellow writers. It’s an ode to your beautiful words.

Please don’t take it personally if you’re not in this one, it doesn’t mean I don’t like your words. I gathered so many beautiful snippets that I have enough for three or more poems I believe. Today’s is just the story that this poem wanted to tell. Please don’t take that story personally either.

I don’t have a clue yet what the prompt is for day 10 of #NaPoWriMo. I’ll be away all day, so I wrote this in advance.

You can find the website that forms the title of this poem here.

18 thoughts on “This and other poems

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Thank you! The beautiful input available made it easier πŸ™‚ I hope to make one or two more from the things I had to leave out because they didn’t fit the story.

  1. SueM

    How creative! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this encouraging poem. Thanks for the link up. πŸ™‚

  2. lifelessons

    What fun. I enjoyed your poem and at first thought the “temporary saints” was a coincidence, until I read the afterward. So many ways to prick our muse to action.

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