She lived happily ever after
She did – Though it took some rearrangements

She fired the duck
that had grown razor blade teeth
to protect its ducklings

She released the hare
who stood so tall
when her leverets were threatened
that she blocked the sun

She laid off the lioness
who had learned to
whisper sweet nothings to
distract the enemy who aimed at her cub

She lived happily ever after
She did – after hiring new staff

She employed a duck
to flap its wings
and quack sweet nothings

She hired a hare
to run
at full speed
when circumstances required it

She engaged a lioness
with sharp claws
mighty paws
and a loud roar
to play with her cub

She lived happily ever after
She did – A force to be reckoned with


The prompt for #NaPoWriMo day 10 was to write a portrait. I had this one ready for tomorrow, when I’m away all day and won’t be able to write or post. But my tummy bug is still bugging me and this poem kind of fit the prompt, so I decided to be lazy.

10 thoughts on “Reorganisation

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