We’ve bought a car

We’ve bought a car
A car!
I’m trying to learn its name
so when people ask
what type of car
I don’t have to answer “black”

We’ve bought a car
A car!
It smells of new car
and I must admit
that smell makes me want to take my bike

Not the car
A car!
An environmental sin
a treacherous luxury
a source of senseless worry

Will someone scratch the car?
Will I wreck the car?
His car
He bought a car
Not me

#NaPoWriMo day 8 suggested to write a poem with repetition. After reading the example they provided, Edgar Allen Poe’s The bells I desperately wanted to write a masterpiece. Preferably about a word I love. I wrote this instead 🙂 Please do read Poe’s poem, it’s brilliant!


4 thoughts on “We’ve bought a car

  1. shannonblood

    One of my favorite childhood memories is of my father dramatically reading to me “The Bells” and “The Raven” and oh so many other wonderful works. 🙂


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