Fortuitous finds

There’s a ball underneath the remote control
and I wonder how I got there
I try every possible explanation I can think of
but will never guess
it was put there
by a rubber spider man glove
filled with leftover grains of sand
and a lego dragon I’ve longed for
for over a year

I decide to write this down
with a pencil found behind a box with my administration
that has been standing in the living room for 11 months now
I would love it if I found my old cd player in there
the Philips cd 104
one of the very first models
a hand me down from my parents when they bought a new one
Instead I find a memory of drinking coffee in a small, quiet place
surrounded by beauty

But how do I fit in a pea
found in the left boot of my pair of boots
that still have a stale smell of beer
from that one day a year that I wear them to a festival?
Or the tractor that may or may not have been left behind at a brewery
when we went there to have dinner?
And a two headed chicken bought in Guatemala?

There’s no way I’ll leave my memories behind.

Today’s prompt on was to write a fortuitous poem. We got the following instructions for extra help –>

Create the following lists:
1. List 1 – 3 random objects. (Smaller tends to be better.)
2. List 1 – 3 random but specific locations. (Think in the cookie jar, or under my seat…)
3. List 1 – 2 objects you’ve lost and a few notes on their back-story.
4. List 1- 2 objects you’ve found and few notes on their back-story.
Now, choosing an object from List 1, a location from List 2, and connect them in a poem with ideas from Lists 3 & 4 and Voilà! A fortuitous poem!

4 thoughts on “Fortuitous finds

  1. dogtrax

    In the second verse, where a physical object lost becomes a memory found … that was perfect. I may have your Lego Dragon here in my house. They’re all over the place.

  2. Dawn D

    I’m not sure I’ll have time to try this one today… though it seems intriguing! Who knows, maybe I’ll carve the time! 🙂

    Liked your poem by the way!


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