Hope is dead

We used to laugh togetherdownload
losing control
losing our breath

We used to sleep together
shared the same bed
shared the same dreams

We used to be together
without even realising
without even worrying

that one day
I might stop
feeding you
and you

The prompt for #NaPoWriMo day 3 was to write about someone who died and choose a peculiarity of them to focus on. I couldn’t, so I wrote this instead. It’s a true story.

18 thoughts on “Hope is dead

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      I know! This was as short and simple as I could write about it. Also: I’m only able to write about it because things are a bit better now.

      1. Dawn D

        I wanted to write more but my phone was bugging 😕
        Probably to tell me to go to sleep 😉
        It took me a while to link the title and the poem. The fever probably.

        Please, know hope is not dead. It may be smaller and the black dog hides it, but it doesn’t die.
        Hugs again!

      2. Angela van Son Post author

        I tend to loose hope when I can’t see a way out. Luckily, when a way presents itself, hope returns. I’m happy to say hope is back. But it felt like it never would return when it was gone. You know what I mean. Thanks for being my friend for so long now!

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