Always the chameleon

You, always the chameleon
hid yourself in the headlines
you were everywhere I looked
and no one noticed you

You, always the chameleon
hid in the small print
whenever a problem arose
you’d pop up, unexpectedly

You, always the chameleon
What’s the colour of a chameleon at dusk?

Today is the final day of #NaPoWriMo 2016. I made it! We made it! Congratulations to all participants.

I’ve visited so many lovely blogs with great poems this year, which has contributed much to the joy of this daily effort. A great big shoutout to, for the interesting blog. Every day there was a new prompt, a featured participant, a featured translated poet and a place for us to share our work. I can’t even imagine how much work it is to provide this every day, every year.

Today’s prompt was to translate a poem. I’m a Dutch person, living in the Netherlands, participating in English. Finding the right words in English has been a daily (fun) struggle, so I felt free to ignore this prompt 🙂

I had a lovely vibrant photo of a colourful chameleon, but when I put it in this post it just didn’t fit. Not with the poem, and not with the banner of my page. So this photo made it instead. Less happy, but apt. Satoshi Tomiyama posted this on Flickr, under this license. I didn’t alter it.

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