Outside in

Outside the clear glass bowls
are listening into space
collecting rain water

Inside a colourful noise invites me
to go inside, dig deeper
and find what’s within me

The visions compete
though their frames warn them
to mind their own business

Visitors avoid digging
by taking the audio tour

Goosebumps in the shade
The wind chills my thoughts

The glare of the glass bowls blinds me


I was happily surprised to find myself the featured participant on napowrimo.net today (day 17). It’s an honour, and it brought new readers to my site, so I was thrilled!

Thank you all for visiting here, reading and for leaving your likes and kind words. This has been a happy day!


I was away for much of the day (the sauna, yay!) and haven’t had the chance to work on today’s promt: to use a special dictionary as a starting point. Hopefully tomorrow. Look at how beautiful thsi prompt can work out: https://benitakape.wordpress.com/2016/04/17/back-when-i-napowrimo-2016-day-17/

Today’s poem is one I found in my note book. In my own handwriting, but I couldn’t remember writing it. But the glass bowls got me thinking, and after a while I remembered a visit to the Singer Museum in Laren. This picture shows how this poem started. Sitting in the beautiful museum garden, looking at my beautiful surroundings.

The picture shows the art work Drie Balansen by Bert Frijns. The beautiful picture of it was taken by a blogger called Maria-levenin Almere.

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