Fortune ripples


Your smile will touch that person
whose thoughts kept going
in circles
who now
(finally distracted) –
smiles back at you

Your cry of ‘stunning’
will surprise
the self doubting artist who could only see
what isn’t there
and now
looks at her creation
with new eyes

Your genuine interest
in someones life
will be a balm
for all the times
they’ve been treated badly

Your acts of kindness
will secretly spread
across the world
because the ripples
unknown to you
touch other peoples lives

The prompt for NaPoWriMo day 13 was fortune cookies. When we had that prompt in 2013, I wrote misfortune cookies. So today I challenged myself to write positive. One of the options given was to  write a poem made up entirely of statements that predict the future. I’m wishing you lots of positive ripples!

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1 thought on “Fortune ripples

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