A poem that I’m afraid to share…

… but I’ll consent to you reading it if you’re over 18.

The prompt today for NaPoWriMo  was to write a line you’re afraid to write. For example because it’s uncomfortable for you. In my case, the writing wasn’t too bad. It’s the sharing that makes me quite uncomfortable. Here’s to NaPoWriMo!

My lover was lying on the bed, exhausted
Her naked skin covered with my fingerprints
She was the last in a long line of lovers
The hunting has been good this summer
I was so sore I wondered if I needed stitches

Rain, finally
I slid out of bed and went outside
A tiny moon lit up the velvet night
It made the fat raindrops glisten

I laid down on the cold patio tiles
their hard surface scratched my scabs
The raindrops sizzled when they landed on my skin
She was exhausted
I was wide awake

At first I pressed my legs together
I let the rain form a cold puddle
between my clenched thighs

Then I gently released the tension
to let the liquid seep through
and touch more skin

The drops evaporated before they touched the ground
I let out short gasps of breath
I wanted more
I needed more

Slowly I spread my legs
Not too fast
Anticipation is an aphrodisiac

The rain increased
The soft, curved drops
turned into hard, straight lines
I wanted this
I needed this

I pulled up my legs
exposing as much flesh as I could
The rain beat my swollen lips
delivering staccato blows on my sore clit

I mewed
The cold embalmed my strung out senses
but every single touch
turned up the heat

My clit throbbed
I think my heart stopped

The icy wind
tortured my strained nipples
The soft skin of my prat
got pin cushioned

This weather: the most expert lover I’ve ever had
Every inch of my body got hit, caressed, loved

My back arched – my toes curled

The ripples started deep inside
so deep
I didn’t even know this was me

They spread

They left me breathless
in the eye of the storm
by the light within

ever so

Thank you


Photo: A French Art Nouveau Marble Figure of a Nude by Theodore Riviere. Source here.

If you happen to like this poem, you may likte to read this one too: He had more patience than she did.


8 thoughts on “A poem that I’m afraid to share…

  1. Dawn D

    Beautiful Angela!
    I love the rhythm, the staccato is felt… intimately?
    Good for letting us read, it’s not easy, especially when, unlike me, you don’t hide behind a fake name 🙂

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  3. poetkianadonae

    Well done. I love the rhythm to the piece. Thank you for sharing the lines you didn’t want to with us.

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