Pigott family heirloom (a seedy whodunnit)

an early moonbeam
shows that
love lies bleeding
a monks beard
I say
Tennessee Tall
is to blame – I watched him in
grandpa’s home,
little fingers
Beck’s big buck horn,
dripping with
bull’s blood

A toast,

For who’d have guessed that every second line is a seed?

The prompt for #NaPoWriMo 2016 day 5 was to spend some time looking at the names of heirloom plants, and write a poem that takes its inspiration from, or incorporates the name of, one or more of the garden rarities from a seed catalogue.


I’m not sure if the picture is free to be used. The original can be found in the fabulous Seed catalogue where I found the seed names.

2 thoughts on “Pigott family heirloom (a seedy whodunnit)

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