The cruelest month

It’s not a game
so when I say
May 1527 must have been the cruelest month
don’t start comparing
the atrocities performed by 25.000 soldiers
(was there an innocent bystander?)
to the sack of May 1084
that burned the city down

It’s not a competition
so when I say
December 564 must have been the cruelest month
don’t compare
the Ostrogoth plunderings to the preceding famine
when the commander of the imperial garrison
refused to sell grain
at a price the average Julius could afford

It’s not a race
so when they say
the sack of 455 was more thorough
than the sack of 410
because the Vandals plundered Rome for fourteen days
whereas the Visigoths spent only three days in the city
don’t wonder
which one contained the cruelest days

Some contests have no winners


NaPoWriMo day four asked us to write about the cruelest month. Since my mind is still in Rome, it was easy to take the sacking of Rome as a starting point. Only, which one? Rome has been sacked several times. I must admit that the description of the atrocities in 1527 struck me the most. But that’s probably just because the Dutch Wikipedia page for this one was most detailed. The English page lacks the horrid details the Dutch page describes. Such are the ways of Wikipedia.

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