She put the happy family picture
on the window sill
for all to see

She waited – patiently

Passers by smiled
at the cute little faces
Reminiscing joy
the absence of pain

And she waited

The sun faded colours
erased features
wiped smiles

She waited, patiently

The framed glass
reflected raindrops
pictures of her
waiting patiently

On the day
there was no trace left
she smiled
for the first time
– it was gone

She left the empty frame
in the window sill
for all to see
and smiled
each time she passed it


The poem was inspired by a picture I passed, in a frame, sitting on a window sill. After writing the poem, I found this picture on Flickr, accompanied by this quote:

“The mind selects, enhances, and betrays; happenings fade from memory; people forget one another and, in the end, all that remains is the journey of the soul, those rare moments of spiritual revelation. What actually happened isn’t what matters, only the resulting scars and distinguishing marks.” –Isabel Allende.

I tinkered with the picture to create some fading.

8 thoughts on “Erasure

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Isn’t that what the inside of a window is called, the part where people put things on? I passed a picture thus displayed, standing in front of the glass. That’s what sparked the poem.

      1. Graeme Sandford

        ‘On a window sill’ is fine, ‘in a window sill’ not so – imagine ‘on a table’ as against ‘in a table’ the sill is at the base of the window and you ‘can’ put things on it. G:)

      2. Angela van Son Post author

        After reading your explanation, it looked really strange to me that I used in instead of on. Of course I know it’s on there, not in there. Then I realised that’s how we say it in Dutch (or maybe not even in Dutch, maybe just in the part of the Netherlands where I was born, or maybe just in my house).

        I’ve corrected it now. Thanks so much for pointing it out and explaining it.

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