Erasure (take two)

A happy family picture
in the window
for all to see

She waited – patiently

Passers by smiled
cute little faces
Reminiscing joy
the absence of pain

She waited

Sun faded colours
erased features
wiped smiles

She waited, patiently

Framed glass
reflecting raindrops –
pictures of her
waiting patiently

One day
there was no trace left
She smiled
first time
– it was gone

An empty frame
left in the window sill
for all to see
She smiled
each time she passed it


I seldom create a take two for a poem. I tend to think that I don’t have the skills to improve a poem after it’s written. When a lovely fellow poet suggested to me that I could strip Erasure, I thought that was an interesting challenge.

If you like one better than the other, I’m really interested in hearing which one 🙂

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